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Guidelines for Posting to the Origami List

The Origami List has, at last count, over 1,000 members. These members are granting you, in these days of seemingly endless forums, online chats, website comment forms, tweets and other ephemeral media, the unusual favor of having what you write show up directly in their busy email inboxes for them to read.

These list members come from all over the world, and many speak native languages other than English; they use all manner of email-reading software, over all types of internet connections.

To make the list accessible to everyone, we have set it up to be a text-only list, using English as the common language. We have created a few simple rules, which the list administrators will enforce by bouncing back messages that are too far outside the recommended formatting guidelines. Failure to adhere to the formatting guidelines will cause the admins to temporarily set your account to "moderated" status, where each post is reviewed before it gets sent to the list, until you've indicated you understand the guidelines.

Formatting Guidelines (aka "The Rules")

Whenever you post, take a few moments to make your post - which is being publicly archived for all to read - as easy to read and easily understandable as possible. Your fellow list members will thank you! (As will your list admins, who will have that much less to do.)

We'll be working on creating detailed descriptions of the above guidelines, watch this space!

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