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Problem: Origami List email is getting redirected to "Bulk" in Yahoo! Mail

We are attempting to convince Yahoo! Customer Service that mail from the Origami List is not spam, and should be directed to users' Inboxes. In the meantime, you should try these two things:

Mark all your existing Origami List email as "not spam"

  1. Login to Yahoo! Mail
  2. Click on the "Bulk" folder title:
  3. Click on the subject for each Origami List email message that's listed in the "Bulk" folder (this will display the entire message)
  4. Click on the "Not Spam" button that appears at the top or the bottom of the message display page:

Create two filters for Origami List email

As per the description on this Yahoo! help page:
("What do I do if I receive wanted mail in my bulk mail folder?")

you can create special filters that will redirect all Origami List email directly to your Inbox. To do this:

  1. Login to Yahoo! Mail
  2. Click on "Options" (at the upper right of your Yahoo! Mail screen):
  3. Click on "Filters" (in the center column under "Management"):
  4. On the "Filters" page, click "Add": (Note that your filter page may already have filters listed here, so your screen may look a bit different from this example.
  5. Fill in the filter details as follows: (you can name the filter anything you wish, of course.)
  6. Click "Add Filter":
  7. Your Filters page should have an entry like this:
  8. Now create a second filter, this time for administrative messages from the list server. To do this, click "Add" on the filter page, and fill out the form as follows:

    Now your list of filters will look like this:
  9. You're done! Now incoming Origami List email messages, and any server-administrative messages should end up in your Inbox rather than your "Bulk" folder!


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